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HWS Agent DiNozzo to the rescue

Fandom: NCIS/Stargate
Character/Pairing: Tony, OMC
Summary: Tony didn't stay with NCIS as Agent Afloat. Instead, on paper, he is with Homeland Security stationed in Antarctica.
AN: This was an attempt to summon my muse anew. For now it's just a oneshot, but if there is interest I might try to add more. The idea about the penguins I believe I got from another story, but unfortunately I can't remember the name or author.
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Teori og praksis

Teori er når man vet alt, men ingenting stemmer.
Praksis er når alt stemmer, men man vet ikke hvorfor.
Vi kombinerer teori og praksis;
Ingenting stemmer og vi vet ikke hvorfor...

Theory and practice

Theory is when you know everything, but nothing works.
Practice is when you can do everything, but don't know how or why.
We combine theory and practice;
Nothing works and we don't know why...

Naruto drabbles....

AN: Some times I am afraid... very afraid of what my muse will come up with next. And just so everyone knows; this is not to be taken serious! These crazy ideas just jumped into my head one night when I couldn't sleep and demanded to be written down. Too bad my muse don't want to help me with my other stories... How troublesome...

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Prince of Persia oneshot

Fandom: Prince of Persia

AN: Watched the movie yesterday and this little plot bunny jumped at me. It's set after the movie so SPOILER WARNING!!! Btw loved the movie and Jake Gyllenhaal as Dastan!


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Stargate/Twilight part 2...

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis, Twilight
Character/Pairing: Jasper, Bella, Peter/Charlotte, Carson, OCs
Disclaimer: Only own the idea and the OCs, and I certainly do not get any money for it!
AN: Part 2 of my Stargate/Twilight crossover. Quickly thrown together while letting my brain get a break from school and exams, so please let me know if you find any mistakes. I would also love any title suggestions!

Part 1

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Twilight/Stargate story...

Fandom: Twilight/Stargate

Pairing/Character: Jasper, Bella, Peter/Charlotte

Disclaimer: Don't own any of them only this particular idea. :P

AN: Just a couple of scenes that wouldn't leave my brain. Tell me what you think and if I should continue it...


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