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Stargate/Twilight part 2...

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis, Twilight
Character/Pairing: Jasper, Bella, Peter/Charlotte, Carson, OCs
Disclaimer: Only own the idea and the OCs, and I certainly do not get any money for it!
AN: Part 2 of my Stargate/Twilight crossover. Quickly thrown together while letting my brain get a break from school and exams, so please let me know if you find any mistakes. I would also love any title suggestions!

Part 1


«You planning on coming back to us today?» I asked rhetorically from my usual place in the room; the floor beside Jasper. I wasn't too disappointed when I didn't get any answer in return. We had been at Peter and Charlotte's house in nowhere, Minnesota, for little over a week now and there had been no breakthrough in getting Jasper back to normal.

When we arrived here after 'rescuing' him from the Cullens we had somehow managed to get him inside and to 'his' room. There he had walked over to the furthest corner in the room, sat down, and hadn't moved since. The only evidence we had that showed that he was aware of our presence was the almost inaudible whimper that would escape him when I went too far away. Other than that there were nothing. Peter and Charlotte would go hunting for him and bring him back blood that he would quickly gulp down. I had no idea how the Cullens had handled it, but from recent experiences it wouldn't surprise me if they had starved him.

«You wanna watch a movie?» I waited a moment to see if I got any reaction, but none came and with a sight I walked over and turned on the television. Finding nothing great to see I just put it on a random channel before laying down comfortably with my head in Jasper's lap.

With some comedy running in the background I let my thoughts drift through the last week.



Peter, Charlotte and I looked at the broken vampire statue in the corner of the room. What where we supposed to do now? We might have gotten him away from his torturers, but it was obvious that we still had a long way left to go.

«I guess that it is too much to hope for that one of you is a shrink?» I asked lightly, knowing that it probably was too much to hope for. One of the Cullens might have been with all their time attending different schools, but Peter and Charlotte's diet demanded a bit more nomadic lifestyle.

«Sorry Pumpkin.» Peter confirmed my answer apologetic.

«I guess we should just start with what's obvious.» I sighted. «Happy feelings all around. Make him understand that he is safe and that we will not hurt him. Speak gently to him. Try to get him to break out of his protecting shell.» I shrugged when both vampires looked at me surprised. «What? It's only logical.»



We had discussed the matter and agreed on the best course of action. Still I called a friend of mine in the Program that just happened to be a psychiatrist and got his evaluation on things. Of course I had to be sneaky and get the two 'conscious' vampires out of the house before I placed the call. First I sent Peter to my hotel room in Colorado to get my stuff so I could stay with them for the rest of my vacation. It was a little harder to get Charlotte out of the house, but eventually I won the argument and got her to go out and but me some food.

I don't know when calling and asking for tips to help a catatonic vampire became maybe not normal, but at least no weirder than the day to day business we usually handle. I know I could never have thought about half of the stuff I've seen and done in my wildest imagination, and I knew about vampires and werewolves before the Air Force offered me a job the day I graduated as a astrophysicist. But I didn't surprise Stan all that much when I called and asked for his help. He even volunteered to inform my team and our superiors about what was going on and told me to call him whenever I felt the need for another advice. Maybe my team was right when they accused him for harboring a crush?

I knew it was too much to hope for a miracle, but I have to admit that I was disappointed over the progress we had made. He would whimper when I left, and tense up if Peter or Charlotte came too close, but that was basically all the reaction we had gotten out of him. We had thought that maybe temperature changes could help snap him out of it and I had tried hugging him and even sitting in his lap and the only reaction we got was something that could be taken as a content sight. Honestly, I had no idea what to do from here on out.

«This would have been so much easier if it was a fairytale. In them all the prince has to do to wake up the princess is to give her a kiss.» I spoke to Jasper. Then I was hit with a crazy idea. Could it work? I sat up slowly and stared at blonde. What could it hurt if I tried it? It wasn't as if I had any better ideas lining up.

Carefully I closed the gap between us, placed a hand on his cheek and touched my lips to his. At first I believed the result would be the same as with everything else we had tried, but just when I was giving up and had decided to pull away Jasper reacted and started to kiss me back. And man, he could kiss! Maybe being immortal had it's advantages.

I had to pull away when the need for air became prudent and I couldn't help grinning stupidly when I saw the golden gaze focused on me for once. I flung my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. My happiness grew even more when Jasper in return tightened his arms around me.

«I am so glad you're back.» I croaked into his neck. He might not have been 'cured', but he had taken the first step.

«Damn it Swan, what did you do?» Peter was suddenly in the doorway grinning widely, he must either have heard me or his gift told him that something had happened.

«I pulled a 'Disney'.» I laughed from my comfortable seat inside Jasper's protective arms. He had started to growl slightly when Peter showed up, and it grew in strength the closer the other male came.

«Good for you pumpkin, but I don't think that's our Jasper right.» Peter sounded nervous and had stopped after only a few steps.

«What do you mean this is not Jasper?» I looked over at the scared vampire confused.

«I believe that is the God of War.» Peter voice shock as he answered me and if the name was anything to go by he probably had a reason to be scared. I could probably compare it to Ronon high on wraith enzyme. But here I sat in the God of War's lap, in his arms, and for some weird reason I wasn't the slightest worried. I probably shouldn't tell anybody about this, they would send me to the nice people in the white coats faster than I could say nice vampire!

«Walk slowly over there and sit down. I don't think he'll do anything unprovoked.» I ordered Peter and nodded over at the opposite corner. I got a incredulous stare in return, and I am sure he thought I was wacko, but he did do as I said and Jasper's growl lost some of it's volume.

«God of War, huh? I guess I can see that, but it doesn't sound much fun.» I pretended that everything was normal and I could actually see it when realization hit Peter.

«It had it's drawbacks.» Peter agreed easily. «But being his best buddy also had it's advantages,» he smirked and hopefully whatever he was thinking on would replace the fear.

«By the way, what did you say you did?»

«I pulled a Disney.» I smirked.

«A what?» Peter looked at me confused.

«You know in the fairytales when the princess is either poisoned or cursed all the prince has to do is kiss her? I just reversed the situation.» I shrugged. «For some reason it worked. And I can tell you that he is a much better kisser than Edward.» I mouthed the last part not knowing how Jasper would react if I said the name of one of the Cullens out loud.

«Of course he is.» Peter scuffed.

«Yeah, I figured you've had time on your side.» I grinned.

«I've been thinking.»

«That got to hurt.» I teased. We had been keeping each other entertained with funny stories for hours and Jasper had eventually relaxed a little and stopped growling, even if he still kept a close eye on Peter.

«You said you had two weeks of work and that time has almost past now. What are you planing to do?» Peter's quiet words ruined the work we had done since Jasper immediately tightened his grip on me and started a fierce growling.

I sent Peter a scorching glare before 'forcing' Jasper to look me into my eyes. «I am not going anywhere Jasper. When Peter approached me at the beginning of my leave I called and informed my boss and they know that if I didn't call back to tell them different I would take an extended leave of absence. I am not leaving.» My reassurance seemed to work wonders and Jasper quickly quiet down, but still kept a death grip on me. At least we had gotten a confirmation that he understood what was being spoken.

«This is the second time you've spoken of your vacation as 'leave'. We never got as far as finding out what you do for a living, so I have to ask you; are you in the military?» Peter asked and Jasper's eyes left mine almost immediately and settled once again on the corner where Peter sat.

«God no!» I laughed out loud. «I might run with the Marines in the morning and they might have showed some moves, but I am no soldier. I am actually an astrophysicist.»

«You run with Marines?» Peter repeated slowly.

«Is that so hard to believe? I can hang out with vampires and werewolves, but not exercise with Marines?» I shot back.

«Werewolves...» Peter repeated again with a weak voice and I felt a low growl go through Jasper.

«Oh, don't you start again!» I scolded him and to both Peter and mine amazement Jasper actually listened and the growl stopped almost as soon as it had started. Peter and I looked at each other puzzled. Maybe he was listening to me because I had pretended to be his CO back at the Cullens?

«Will you let me go so I can get something to eat?» I asked, but already knew the answer so it didn't surprise me when he didn't let go.

«Will you let Peter get up and move around so that he can fix me some food without flipping out then?» I asked next and this time I actually received an actual nod in answer. We were moving forwards! Yay!

«Sweet. My own personal servant.» I smirked at Peter as he slowly stood up.

«Anything for you pumpkin. What can I get you?»

«I don't know how much I trust your culinary expertise, so maybe you could just throw a frozen pizza in the oven?» I suggested Peter actually looked relieved. «You could bring me some soda too when it is finished and you probably should call Char and tell her to stay out a little longer.» I got a nod from Peter as he exited the door. His thoughts probably mirroring my own; Jasper barely handled having Peter near by, there were no need to bring Charlotte into the mix yet.


* * *


Three days later things were going much better. I could walk around and make my own dinner, but Jasper needed to stay close to me and Peter and Charlotte couldn't come too close to either of us. But it was still progress, progress we all were grateful for when someone rang the doorbell.

«Humans. Four of them.» Peter stated as he looked at the door dumbfound. I guess they didn't get company very often, and that brought up the question of whom it was this time, even if I had my suspicions.

«You better answer that.» My voice seemed to have brought them out of their trance and as Charlotte moved towards the door, Jasper took up a protective stance in front of me.

«I always though vampires was supposed to be super fast.» Nick Rourke, my team leader, stated as he walked through the door followed my the rest of the team and my doc, Carson Beckett.

«Hi guys, what are you doing here?» I asked before anyone else had a chance to do anything.

«When we didn't hear more from you we assumed that you needed to stay longer, and the higher ups decided that they wanted us here in case the guys you fled from comes looking. If you ask me I think the paper-pushers, and even the General, wants to stay on the good side of supernatural beings that can only be killed by their own species and wolfs. Besides we wouldn't have much fun without you, and we brought you some of your stuff and these.» Nick grinned triumphant and showed a bowl filled with my favorite Pegasus snack.

«Strawberry-thingys! Gimme!» I demanded and walked around Jasper to reach my threat at the same time as Nick came closer. That did not sit well with Jasper and the growl he released was fierce and froze everyone in their tracks. Except me. I jumped around and faced the origin of the terrifying sound.

«Oh no you don't. I've let you growl at Peter and even Charlotte, but you are not starting to pull that shit now. I don't care if you are the God of War, hell you could be the Almighty himself, but you are not allowed to growl at my friends. I'll appreciate it if you wait with that macho act until you sense that I feel threatened or scared.» I scolded him with steel in my voice, before turning and taking the fruit from Nick's slack hands.

As I bit into my third piece the silence in the room was broken by Alex Nighty's laughter. «That sure is our Bell.»

Peter ignored the comment and instead zeroed in on what I was eating. «Uhm, Pumpkin? It might have been a while since I was human, but I am sure that strawberries is supposed to be red not purple.»

«And I am sure I called them strawberry-thingys not strawberries.» I grinned back.

«What is it?» Charlotte asked fascinated and walked a little closer to get a better look, but still made sure she didn't get closer than Jasper was comfortable with.

«They are called... Actually I have no idea what they are called. I believe the name the locals had on them was close to impossible for us to pronounce, so since they taste kinda like strawberries they just got called strawberry-thingy.» I answered with a shrug.

«Not to rude or anything, but how old are you really?» Alex asked curiously and until then I actually believe my vampire friends had actually forgotten that there were other humans here. They then remembered the comments that had been made and looked over at me accusingly.

«I didn't tell them.» I raised my hands defensively.

«Truthfully, you kinda did.» Marianne Dunne, our third member, chuckled.

«It's kinda hard to keep secrets when people is literally inside my head.» I snapped at her. «So technically I didn't tell you about vampires and werewolves. You found out on your own because of some freaky incident. But they have all known for quite a while now and none of them has gone after you with a flamethrower so I don't see the big deal.»

«I didn't know.» Carson spoke up and reminded us all that he was still there.

«And now that you know are you planing to go after the nearest vampire with a flamethrower Doc?» I teased him, knowing fully well that he would no such thing.

«Certainly not! Are you out of your bloody mind?!» Carson sputtered and his Scottish accent grew noticeably thicker.

«Just kidding with ya Doc. But why are you here? Not that I don't enjoy your company or anything.»

«We both know that you were scheduled for another check after your leave, and since you wouldn't be able to keep it I decided that it would be just as easy to make a house call.»

I could feel the intense stares from my immortal companions and if it was possible Jasper drew even closer to me.

«Jasper. He won't hurt me. Carson is my doctor. He has saved my life more than once. I trust him.» I looked Jasper into his golden eyes and practically willed him to do as I wished. I also noticed that his golden eyes was darker than I would have liked with my friends in the same house.

«Char? Why don't you go out and get our boy here something to eat.» I heard her acknowledgment and the door shutting. «I believe we'll have to make that a public examination. The God of War over here is pretty over-protective when it comes to me.» I gave Jasper a gentle smile, telling him with it and my feelings that it didn't bother me.

«That shouldn't be too much trouble. It's just a quick check and we'll be finished in no time. Now lass, do you think you could take of your sweater or do you need to go and change.»

I didn't give him a verbal answer. Instead pulled of my sweater so that I stood there in only my sports-bra. Two almost identical growls erupted when Peter and Jasper saw the bruises I had been hiding for my entire stay. And I'll tell you; that is not easy when you are living together with vampires, plural, and one of them don't want to let you out of his sight.

«Pumpkin, tell me who did this and I'll make them pay.» Peter hissed out between clenched teeth and I had no doubt that he would do it and make them suffer as he drained them.

«No worries. No one hurts our girls and gets away with it.» Alex tried to reassure them. «They are toast. It was very nice fireworks that day.»

«I guess seeing as you are here that you are all good to go?» I asked, trying to change the subject as Carson looked me over and Jasper clutched my hand.

«We sure are. Back to active duty as of today.» Nick grinned at me knowingly. «You are the last one.»

«Wait. I thought you said you were a astrophysicist?» Peter asked confused.

«I am. And Marianne Dunne over there is our brilliant linguist. But Major Nick Rourke and Lt. Alex Night on the other hand is our Zoomies.»

«Zoomie?» I had to admit the parrot imitation was starting to get a little old.

«Yeah you know, Air Force.»

«You exercise with Marines. Work with a linguist and two Air Force officers. Somehow you've had people inside your head-»

«Each other heads.» I shot in. «We were inside each others minds. Kinda like the wolves.»

«-inside each other minds.» Peter accepted my correction. «And you said that the Doctor has saved your life multiple times and from the bruises it looks like it isn't from simple lab accidents. I think you're staying here with us after we've fixed my brother.»

The room was silent for a moment after Peter's mini speech before Alex opened his mouth. «You can't make her do anything she doesn't want to do. Believe me.»

«Exactly. Remember what happened to Edward when he tried to stop me?» I smiled victorious at him. «Put it is possible that I can be talked into staying a little while.» I squeezed Jasper's hand reassuringly.

«How's...?» Marianne asked awkwardly and looked over at Jasper.

«Much better.» I sent Jasper a grin and how proud I was of him. «A few days ago he was completely catatonic.» I growled thinking about how he had been when we found him.

«Just out of curiosity, what's the deal with you two?» Nick questioned.

«I am also curious of what the deal was between you two.» Peter shot in.

«You know to ask easy questions.» I sighted as I thought the question over. I guess I was a friend and some sort of grounding stone, but that didn't seem to cover everything. «I am honestly not sure what to answer Nick. I guess we are friends? And to answer you Peter; we hadn't.» Carson had finished his examination so Jasper had moved back to me and buried his face in my neck. I could see that my team tensed some, but when they saw that I didn't react they also relaxed quickly.

«I was Edwards human girlfriend. Alice was my best friend and I was her Barbie Bella. Esme and Carlisle were like my second set of parents. Emmett was my goofy bigger brother. Rosalie didn't want anything to do with me and I wasn't allowed to get close to Jasper. They said he was too dangerous.» I rolled my eyes at the last part. Too dangerous my ass. «He was always standing in the background, keeping his distance. The only time we spent an extended amount of time together was when he and Alice hid me from James, and even then Alice made sure she always was there. And I kinda gave him the slip at the air port.» I grimaced. I still felt bad for fooling him like that. Jasper must have felt my guilt since he tightened his grip slightly around my waist and nuzzled my neck. In return I put my hands over his and squeezed. During our time together we had become experts at these small 'conversations'. More often than not we just knew what the other tried to convey. Of course Jasper had his gift on his side, my gut had also been helpful at times.

«If you'll excuse me lads, and lass, I believe it is time for me to get back to... back home. If you need me for anything you know I am just a call away. Colonel Carter is very helpful when it comes to ferry us around.» Carson smiled at us and we said our good byes before he exited the house.

Peter looked at us puzzled and you could practically see the wheels turn in his head. He obviously didn't hear any cars start, but the heartbeat disappeared none the less. He also seized the luggage the guys had brought with them; five laptops, and six big bags. Four of the bags probably contained cloths and personal stuff while I would the fourth and fifth was filled with banto-sticks and and other mission and training equipment.

«How did you get here without us hearing you, and with all this stuff?» Peter finally voiced his question.

«But Peter...» I waited until I had his full attention. «A girl's got to keep some of her secrets.» I had to laugh of his facial expression, as did the other guys; it was hilarious.

«Sorry Peter. Couldn't help it.» I chuckled. «But seriously. At this juncture I really can't tell you anything about it. You can sure that you will be told about it. But not right now.» I knew this to be true. The program couldn't stay classified for ever, just in the time it had been operated the number of times when we had been close to forced declassification was endless. And with vampires being immortal my promise was set in stone. I just hadn't told them when they would be told. Jasper must have felt my honesty and maybe Peter's 'gift' told him to let matters go, but both my boys accepted my half-arsed explanation.

«I don't know about you guys, but I think it's time for me to say good night.» I yawned and started to make my way over to the stairs. I stopped Jasper when he started to follow me.

«No stay here. Wait for Charlotte to bring you your dinner.» I told him, but I could see that he didn't like it. «The others will all be down here and you'll be able to hear me the entire time. I'll just take a shower and then I'll go to bed.» I gently scolded him. This was the first step on giving him more independence and I knew that he probably would be extremely clingy after drinking, but it had to be done. It wasn't healthy to be as dependent on someone as Jasper was on me.

I saw the raised eye brow our exchange got from the guys, and the smile Marianne sent me promised me that she would ask questions later. I sent them a coy wink before exiting the room, mentally preparing me for the Spanish Inquisition I probably would be put through tomorrow. As I walked I could practically feel the emotionally tense climate I left behind and had to wonder if it was Jasper unconsciously projecting his own.


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